Avoid Paying Expensive Add-on PCI Fees

Payment Card Industry Education

A number of Card Processing companies add on to merchant’s monthly bill a “PCI Compliance Fee”. Oftentimes they are not doing anything more than presenting their commercial customers with something so cursory and basic that it has the effect of lulling their customers into a false sense of complacency and security. There have been too many cases where merchant clients have been breached and learned after the fact that the monthly processing “compliance” fee was nothing but an excuse for the processor to make more money without providing a meaningful or tangible service. Ask your processor precisely what they are doing to justify their add-on fee. Avoid being a victim of the worst kind of rip-off where companies exploit the real fear of security breaches, but economically capitalize on this fear while leaving their customers unduly exposed by failing to offer any real or substantive protection to their customers.

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